Tuesday, April 24, 2018


Hi! Its been a long time since I do some writing down here. Iman dah besar. She’s grew like a champ! Alhamdullillah. Stand on her own feet and start nak memapah tiap furnuture yang ada. Kerusi, meja, bakul even mami’s leg. Apa dapat semuaa Nuwayla nak and try her best to stood up. I guess she’s really on a right development track.

Since N dah 6 months +- baru rasa terfikir why not I’m sharing this Bf-journey. Breastfed her days and nights. I did it for 6 months wohoooo. All the time she needs me, I was always there to reach her and get my boobs ready ahaha. Syukur sangat I made into this stage... I can say that breastfeeding ni fun and definitely make me close to N. She needs me more than her abi. She always want me. Atau pun want my milk laa— ahaha kuasaammm! Rasa amazing tau. The moment You can actually produce milk and make your child kenyang. That’s just feel amazing! 

Masa dari Bujang, ye Bujang I always wonder how does it feels when a baby suck your boobs (opsssy) and how is it we possible to produce milk and all. I do lots of research especially when I was positive pregnant. Yes so exciteddd like that. Plus the fact yang bf ni banyak bole kurangkan cost, buat I rasa mcm okay lets do this! Set mind dari awal. 

I was the only person in my family-tree yg bfeed up till 6 months tauu. Mama tak breastfeed kitorang. My eldest sister didn’t. My second sister also didnt. The maximum pun my kakaks went thru bfeed dalam 6 months and lepastu done! Susu start drop and what not. Trust me, kebolehan untuk breastfeed bukan lah sebab Keturunan. I prove it wrong. 

It’s all about SET MIND.

I still remember masa dekat Hospital (Government) the nurses memang akan encourage bfeed. One of the nurse akan buat demo & tips on how to bfeed, how to hold your baby, how to know that the baby was really enjoying our milk etc. I kind a like the fact they provide this kind of Knowledge-sharing which really helps me time tu. 

Showing us where was the Kilang Susu actually at and what not. Masuk hospital memang, i didnt prepare anything. Plus the nurse memang strict, susu powder ke— even bottle pun kalau kantoi dgn Nurse boleh kena marah tau.