Sunday, August 27, 2017

Thoughts: Karipap Pusar Elfira Loy

One thing that I realized during my pregnancy is, kaksyaa memang akan selalu craving for Karipap Pusar. Karipap yang secara lumrahnya harus rapuh, rangup and berpusar di luar serta punya inti yang sedap hihi. Banyak tempat kaksyaa rasa but one place je yang really fits my tekak. The one yang dekat Petronas Ayer Keruh. Memang sedap gils. 1 biji 70 sen. Okaylah kan kena lah dengan rasa. 

So in short, nak dijadikan cerita I memang follow Elfira Loy di instagram and she once updated about karipap pusar mak dia buat yang buat kaksyaa rasa nak sangat rasa, so kaksyaa pun dengan gigih whatsapp and ordered 4 packs of it (incase sedap i can keep stocks for me lol) . So today! Lovemesevendays Cafe i went to pick up. 
Its Elfira's cafe fyi. 

I likeeeee the interior. Cantik deco dengan Fresh Flowers and all but I personally think that she should actually select more strategic place for her cafe, if she wants to grow and make serious money business with the cafe lah. Food was good serious tak tipu, worth every penny dengan nice interior that she made for her cafe tapi itulah. She should actually pick kedai bawah instead of kedai Atas and more strategic area, so lebih banyak norm walk-in, wide range of customers sebab rasanya sekarang sure lebih kepada people who knows her/follow her ig's sahaja yang banyak walk-in. 

Opinion kaksyaa lah :)

Sorry to myself for not taking picture of the food tadi tapi makanan memang sedap lah. I had Creamy Pesto Pasta extra hot (4/5 stars) coz i never tried any creamy pesto at other places hehe should try la dekat tempat lain nanti. For drink I had Ice Mocha; to me tak berapa kick sangat tapi sokay laaa syukurr. Chaca order chicken roll. Nachos I order for side dish incase mak buyong ni tak cukup with Pasta lulz. 

All in all, sedap. Boleh try lagi kalau ada orang nak belanja pula next time winky wink. Hehee
Karipap yang kaksyaa beli tu Frozen so memang tak nyempat lagi nak goreng. Will update to this entry later once kaksyaa dah goreng ye? 

Really hope it taste just right. 

Friday, August 25, 2017

Thoughts: Always have each other

As I told before, my desire to eat has been declined sooo muchhh during my early months of pregnancy that made me lose about 2 kg and know what? Lepas raya I gained back my nafsu makan and now 33 weeks wohoo kaksyaa is officially 10 kgs heavier than my kilos before pregnant-- how's that baby?

I still remember I was told by kakak that I will gain so much during pregnancy tapi I macam "No lah inshaAllah tak.." confident yet humble. Positive way. Alhamdoulillah kakak kata aku bole telan lah kata kata aku tu (means I can really hold my words). I guess its all about how you set your mind kot, but lucky me too juga; good side of having a bad morning sickness adalah you'll be able to control your food intake hehehe. I knew ada yang lagi worst dari I sampai warded and bed-ridden. So dgn my case, kenalah bersyukur; Alhamdoulillah, my kind of morning sickness boleh managed lagi during my first trimester & first few weeks of my second trimester. 

How do I managed them?
I just layankan sahaja whatever feelings I had inside and tend to sleep more in the morning. Semua sebab nak avoid vomiting and all but this kind of habit dah teruk extended sampai this point of week. Tau tau terlajak 10:30am/ sometimes about 11:50 am. Bad kaksyaa. Plus, kaksya also really taken care of my body, y'know by avoiding doing tough things macam basuh baju, mop lantai, sapu sampah, moving things even kemas katil. Semua tu has been taken over by Habib since day 1 I was down with ms. To the point were i stopped cook and avoiding kitchen, Habib masih stays positive and never stop to look after me. Walaupun we pernah in a state short of ringgit but yet Allah swt mudahkan semua. Lucky us! 

Ini last i cooked for Habib on  the weekend before ms teruk. 

I knew my side handling ms seems to be possible since we run business our own so waktu tak pernah mencemburui kami. We always have each other side by side 24/7, alhamdoulillah.

And masih kaksyaa ingat-- during my first few months I resigned sebab ms teruk and cannot handle stress; I was really in a state of had no money and Habib pun struggle with Jalan Tar and Putrajaya; yet we still keep our head positive and remind sama sendiri that we can and everything's gonna be alright...

"Awak ada dengan saya is enough..." we just feels complete and nothing to worries ehehe padahal? That was when we really lack sources of income sebab parah lah nak harapkan pasif income. As forever, Habib still amazingly stayed positive and never give up; serious this is what I adore the most about habib. Positiveness dia, berserah dan tawakal Habib beats everyone exist in my world. Always put his best in whatever situation.

One thing I learned masa tu, duit tu bukan punca untuk kita rasa cukup. Its about how you manage your feelings out of the money you have and barakah of stay closed together supporting one another in any situations. Orang taktahu, kita tahu :)



It has been nearly 4 months since we moved to a new chapter, can we say a new book?

A month before puasa entah mana jin masuk and the ideas came out pun tak tau, kitorang suddenly had the idea to open kiosk dekat AEON BP. Awalnya, I just bluntly suggested Habib to try Batu Pahat market; saja saja bagi idea since business were really bad in KL plus, bila dikaji there's not much shop that sells really good quality of Tudung Makcik makcik dekat BP ni. You know small crowd can be easily triggered, harga pun tak jatuh teruk macam KL and all location I can think about is AEON; one and only AEON BP. 

Small shopping center yang jadi main crowd orang Batu Pahat plus kiosk dekat situ memang betul center of everything. Alhamdoulillah dengan sedikit peluang Allah swt tunjukkan; we knew this is our baby's rezeki, we now have an active income by daily basis; syukur syukur Alhamdoulillah. Tho we had some crazy tentangan from the you-called-it Peniaga Senior dekat AEON who actually a Pakistani (gosh, i know this is ridiculously stupid) but alhamdoulillah Anak Jati Batu Pahat wins guys hehe.

Tadaa lebih surprising for us bila habib's parents suggested us to find house dekat sana during our 2nd month there and tiba tiba kitorang sekarang dah migrate pun from KL to BP, had our 1st rent out house (we used to stay at papa's rent house in KL), bought our own TV hihi orang kata had a proper home for us lah senang sebab seriously we were not that serious masa stay dekat Ulu Kelang. Ulu Kelang was literally tempat utk tidur and nothing more; entah dunno how to explain. 

It feels so much different, the feeling of belonging tu lebih even Ulu Kelang is habib's where we don't have to bother about the rental cost and all but entahlah now is just different lols

You may think senang je diorang ni pindah and made decision but to us, ini semua Kerja Allah . Always have faith, keep praying and confident with what you lead too. Yang penting, yakin and put passions on it.

Kan orang kata two is better than one.
Rezeki lakibini, who knows :)

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Thoughts: Of Australia 2015

This was 2 years back when I was so free, young (well I'm still) and enjoy my life to the fullest. Finish degree, you got the power of money to do what you want and this was one of the things I done. 


Eventually this was once in a life chance you should grab since your aunty migrate there for 3 years, so why not right? You got family there, place to stay without paying, only cares about the fuel cost, food to feed yourselves; depends juga usually it only incured when you were outside from chu's place and of course all the sight seeing kau pergi from Sydney to Canberra to Adelaide, Philip Islands and Melbourne. 

I guess thats quite a journey apa. 

You really no need to care about the food i guess when travelling to Aussie. Food was pretty cheap tapi cheap kalau masak sendiri lah. Seriously! Barang groceries untuk masak tersangat lah murah you even can get a bag full of kepak ayam (about 2 kgs) with only $2-$5 dollars and thats about MYR15. Amik, bedallah Nasi Ayam ke, Ayam masak kicap ke. Asal kenyang. 

This is what we found in Koles near to Chu's house. Crust for Pavlova you can get the ready made punya cuma tinggal tambah ingredients sendiri and siap, you're good to eat. 

Below was taken during our way from Adelaide to Philip Island. 

More photos and episodes of Australia 2015 continue later lah ye since banyak gambar dalam laptop lagi satu.

Till then. 

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Thoughts: 216 days pregnant


This gonna be my first post about my pregnancy.
 Note: I've gained back my confident after months tortured by hormones. Haha syukur wei!
Harini dah 30 weeks 6 days about 7 months jump up to 8 months in two weeks time. MasyaAllah time flies. Rasa macam semalam je morning sickness teruk every pagi bangun vomiting like nobody business. Lulz. And today, everything that i allergic about becoming so fine to me. From dapur, bau minyak goreng, KFC and McDonalds logo yang dulu everytime nampak rasa mual. To my mother in laws kedai makan(bau) and quite few to list down. Sekarang macam relax alhamdoulillah cuma I still allergic rasa nak vomit about Sushi (writing this down pun yucks)

This really what pregnant gets you.

As i read usually deliver will takes about 38 weeks onwards and sekarang perasaan macam campur campur. I set mind to actually deliver awal perhaps 2 weeks earlier from the due date given but who knows caturan itu kan semua dari Allah swt juga kan? Somehow I know i can make it tapi entahlah. Tunggu dan lihat hiks. Preparation for the baby pun baru start buat sikit sikit. Like semalam, we went to Tateh Baby Shop dekat Batu Caves to buy few things walaupun seriously masuk kedai je we both macam clueless "Okay what to buy..... and we just ended up looking around and mumbled "apa aku nak cari dooohhh..."

Lols. Funny tapi Alhamdoulillah orang kata malu bertanya sesat jalan. I called Kakpida my sister no.2 to asked for a really important stuff and the quantities needed actually. Sebab we're like "okay barut, bedung baby and all that memang perlu but how many of it diperlukan; yang menjadi questions mark..." Coz you know you might afraid to buy terlalu sikit or too much but yet alhamdoulillah, kakpida gave us the answer we want. 

5/6 barut also can
Wipes/cotton bud beli small size je coz later orang akan bagi hamper (crossfinger hee)
Mittens we added another 2 set since I've bought 7 sets of mittens booties from Yaykidstore alrdy
Bedung 2/3 je. We grab 2 je. 1 manual bedung another one is Swaddle Pod yang tinggal zip je tu.
Baby oil I bought the small size jer later habis boleh tambah kan

and thats it kot.Since baju and romper i've bought few sampai rasa okayla kot. Takut kang anak aku besar satu apa tak boleh pakai sob sob. *please dont*. Bedak lotion shower dan segala bagai masih belum sebab dekat Tateh macam mahal, so we buy next time.

This is the mittens booties from @yaykidstore yang I beli haritu. I got promo for 7 set of  em for RM125. I knew its quite pricey tapi bagila can sis anak pertama. The excitement just cant deny. So, another stuff on list masih belum di crosschecked lagi and as for the moment memang tengah mencari Tilam Baby. Zaman dulu boleh lah tempah custommade dgn Ibu but knowing masa dan tenaga Ibu (my Maklong), i might just need to buy myself yang dah siap. So ye, the trendy-u-named-it babynest is my another hunt. 

and other list juga to crosscheck...

Wish me luck!