Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Review: AIMS Sling and Hip Baby Carrier

AIMS Sling and Hip Carrier. Very practical and releven for both of us who basically always on the move and never leave our baby behind inshaAllah. Me and Habib have promised ourselves to always jaga and bring Nuwayla to wherever we go. Hence, this kind of baby-gear has always been in my list-to-buy from the very beginning. 

I bet, as a new parent you always have that "besar hati" to cater all needs of your baby as possible kan? So, sis pun tidak ketinggalan. Habib on the other hand, akan follow my idea but yet he'll filter and decides juga at the end sebab whatever it is he is the Lead of our small family. 

AIMS Sling and Hip carrier, sebenarnya this was an impromptu shop. Memang ada plan to buy kind of sling carrier or actually expected to get this as present from Habib's or my side. Hehehe but bila kitaorang agak urgent to have this thing, so kitorg beli je lah sendiri. 

I got this for RM90 anywho 11street sells this at a discounted price at the mo which you can get sampai less than RM30 from my price. Nak kata marah idokla sebab memang taktau existance of this brand & this baby sling before. Masa survey dekat Baby Shop, this caught my attention pun sbb feature yang agak Sporty, I knew Habib will like it too (we both have the same taste), practical sebab boleh pakai utk Toddlers juga, this is up to 13kg baby/toddler, material yang very secure/breatheable/soft and most importantly from the beginning we tried put Nuwayla inside, dalam 3 saat she sleep dengan jayanya. Yayy.

All in all, tho I got this for RM90 -- I still think this is quite acceptable and reasonable price. Beli sekali for turun temurun adik adik Nuwayla nanti (ewahh) tapi betullaaa wei hihi. The fact yang tadi pergi Imigresen buat passport Nuwayla ramai tegur sebab terkejut tengok ada baby sebab diorang mati mati ingat hanya sekadar sling bag made me feels good too. Lol. 

Bak kata Habib--
-- untuk orang Batu Pahat jerr lah

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Thoughts: Pantang hari-23

Emergency c-section. From staff nurse who iniatially checked on my cervix opening to a doctor that confirmed my leaking and ended up with a Senior Doctor who finally concluded that I need to go through ceaser that night.  It was happened in just a few minutes.

It was 2-ish in the morning.

Thank God Habib sempat sampai Ward and walked me  to an Op room. "Everything good for the baby doc" that was my answered when doc informed me my air ketuban dan campuq dengan meconium . "Awak kena c-sect ye sebab baby dah berak. Kena cepat sebelum baby tertelan. Lagi bahaya nanti..." Can you tell how nervous and worry I was time tu? Serious tipu laa kalau takde apa terbayang dekat kepala. So many what-if questions mark datang. Meanwhile Habib-- I knew, he had to act strong for me malam tu when I asked him to sampaikan my salam and sorry to everyone. Nervous, worries yet deep down I knew I have to be super calm and strong. 

Sometimes, bila recall you rasa takut. Every situations before having Nuwayla around was indeed tough. Mentally and physically. Tho you've prepared yourself with so much exercises, follow all tips possible to go normal deliver tapi Allah swt dah tetapkan cara lain. Nothing you can do. Pasrah dan redha. Berserah. 

Procedure of less than hour really teached me about reality of our mom's sacrifices. Two spinal injections at the back of my backbone, literally wide awake during the op except for body; perut ke bawah kebas kena bius. Every actions of the doctor 'boleh rasa' and when I heard baby cries, only then I knew I have came to an end of  the whole op.  

I survived. 
Homed now-- 
23 days of pantang with my healthy baby girl--
Iman Nuwayla. 


Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Thoughts: Confession of breaking heart

Devastated, in just a blink of eye. You just do not know-- where to fix again. How to rebuild again. Nothing felts right other than blaming yourself. Yet, you know this peak of time, you need to keep your head straight, positive and never give up. 

Past is past. 
Future is what matters. 

Trust me, I've lost so much rhythm in my business. Products now becoming so unclear. Pending unsold stocks from previous collections. Pasive instagram account tho I've got about 40k followers, sigh I've abondaned it too much -- maybe. My bad, and the story of closing down my physical Vboutique has been a shocked to almost everyone around me (I just knew it, tho they never asked)

Of course, as a person. I felt like a supertrillions failure. Useless. Business isnt easy but somehow I love the journey. It grows me into becoming more a person. Teaches me to think, to see real world, taking responsibility of my own world-- others world. Trusting myself and others. Educate me about being more patience, empathy others feeling and act like a real women. 

Tested at the age of 25. Found a man whom I asked countless times in my doa and Alhamdullilah a husband of mine now. Gave birth to our beautiful daughter Iman Nuwayla, 11 months after the akad. 

I know Allah swt loves me. For all my wrong-doings and mistakes and sins. He still loves me. He still cares of me. Still giving what best for me. Allahuakhbag.

Try, try and try Sya. You'll shine again-- inshaAllah. This time around with your husband, your Nuwayla okay? 

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Thoughts: Pink Dress

Finally in a Pink Dress.

Pagi tadi around 645 in the morning tibatiba I felt the urged to pee since I still need to get up from bed to perform my subuh-- but this time around as soon as I stand to step myself towards the toilet, it feels a little different. You know that feeling you got everytime red flag is about to hitch you on a monthly basis? Ye itu. 

So basically, I stood up like I usually did and tetiba I felt watery thingy overflow within my legs and this watery felt nothing like a pee tauu walaupun I felt like I want too.  You got what I meant? It just came out without any sign. Nak kata macam period blood, bila flow you'll feel panas and kering/kesat issit? But this time, different. So to the toilet I went, doing my traditional position to pee and with blurry eyes (coz I'm not wearing my Speck) tetiba I saw something redish to browny liqiud swim underneath my squatting. I cant be so sure time tu so I came to close up my face into that liqiud and more redish browny liqiud suddenly came out. Only then I was assure,  okay. Tanda dah keluar! 

Mama was just next to my toilet taking her shower and without hesitation I told her. Habib plak cuak tetiba ran off from bilik to my toilet door and "huhh dah keluar tanda dah yang...?" "Sakit tak?" "Kena pergi hospital ke?" bertubi tubi soalan. Tho he looks pretty cool and calm I knew how excites (& panic/shock) he was deep down. Sabar ye sayang. Saya tahu we both have been working so hard doing all sort of activities just to get this little joy out to our world. He he

We don't drive immediately to Labour Room macam apa yang Buku Pink or Klinik Kesihatan's advise us too. So what we did was, after I had my business done (in the toilet), kakak suggest kitorang keluar kejap. Pergi cari Sarapan, walk a bit but yet kena juga monitor gerakan baby. To short the story too, for the past few days I actually been craving for this Kuih Bom (the one with inti Kelapa and had Bijan outside) -- so I asked Habib to hunt the kuih kejap as I also need to find Milo for energy booster later in the hospital.  

About 10:30-ish after kuih bom, milo and sarap done. We went back home, showered and get all stuff needed (recheck just incase). Kalau ikut mama, she wont suggest us to go to LR this early but our major concerned sebab I dah overdue. 3 days overdue so anything could possibly happen kan? 

Journey from home to hospital is just 3 minutes away about less than 300-500m away, literally. Memang dekat lah citer dia. Sampai LR, Habib daftar and handover buku Pink dekat counter. Right away, they asked me to go inside untuk check jantung baby and after jantung check okay-- the nurses asked me to wait outside for doctor's checking pula. 

About 20-30 minutes waiting time then my name pun dipanggil. Doctor requested me to take off my undies and wearing the pink sarung. I just knew it! This is it guys. Dilate opening checking, benda yang aku and habib selalu wonder kenapa aku tak kena walaupun dah overdue 8hb lepas. Dia macam excited coz I really wanted to experience this and alhamdullillah, I did (cries) ha ha ha haaaa

It wasnt that bad. I felts oooo-kay lah. 

After the check up, doc came to conclusion to warded me since I passed by my due date over 3 days. 

And that is when another whole new experience, begin...