Sunday, December 24, 2017

Food Hunt at Shah Alam - Ladsandlassies

Its time for food! Last few weeks, I had this one ‘lunch date’ with my hubs after 5 days being apart from one another— he went to Singapore for an event while me and Nuwayla to Perak for Gyanna’s wedding. So when we reunited back again, Habib wanted to redeem by letting me pick whatever I want for lunch. As we coincedently in Shah Alam during that time...


I knew the existance of this cafe from Jezmine Blossombox when she updated on instagram about  Ladsandlassies’s Butterchicken and this superlicious Salted Egg Fries— which I agreed 300%. Memang sumpah sedap menatang kentang ni. Dip sauce dia baikkkk. 

Located at the heart of Shah Alam somewhere in Seksyen 9, I definitely would recommend you guys Ladsandlassies despite of the hip cafe they actually represent— they do serve you a real yumms food. You know, unlike certain cafe  yang extravaganca on interior yet the food haukkk

Although I certainly had no enough amount of rice on my plate— my Butterchicken still deserved a three stars rate. Not more. Just enough since I would prefer if it has more spicy and creamy flavors in it. 

Like mentioned before, Ladsandlassies’s portion don’t happen to be very large, so you could confidently share atleast three between two. We had Salted Egg Fries (RM10), Habib and me both on Nasi— around RM12++ per plate.

Ordering food at Ladsandlassies should be an easy task if you familiar with Singaporean dishes with limited amount of menu they have. Normal westerns dishes,  Nasi’s with varied type of lauk as side dish and few top Singaporean food like Sup Tulang Merah and Kacang Pool Geylang. Trust me, their Kacang Pool are non-like Larkin version as they truly served the original macam Geylang Serai’s.

On the other department, the interior of the cafe bole dibagi credit. It is really an instagram worthy kind of look. So macam biasa I did took pose la seround dua to proved that I was here So when people talk about it— you wouldn’t feel left out. Pulaaakkk hehe

To be added, we also tried Ladsandlassies’s Chicken Chop that deserved a four star rate for it’s creamy mashed potatoes. Unlike other’s yang served plain mashed sprinkle with salt, their’s got a special creamy taste that made you want a repeat. Poured with signature’s recipe of black papper sauce made this dish deserves a Recommendation sign too. Always key to any dish’s success, the dish nailed the balance equation just like its veggies and mashed that really compliment the flavor of the grilled chicken. Babooommm! 

All informations regard Ladsandlassies could be find thru link above. Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do, or more than us— lagi baguihhh!

Till then.

Friday, December 22, 2017


Our girl. That everytime I look into her eyes, everytime she shooks her hands and legs up and down— I somehow couldn’t believe she is actually came out from me. 

My. Belly. 

Melted mami’s heart everytime looking at those round eyes and pipi loyot of you la Nuwayla. Cannot tahan

FYI, I’m writing this down accompanied by Habib’s snoring sound on my left side while Nuwayla— sleeping peacefully next to me on the right side. Get this burgered every each night is really completing my day. 


Iman Nuwayla | 70 days old 

Till then.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017


Time do flies. It feels macam baru semalam I gave birth to my daughter and today she’s growing into such an adorable baby I could never imagine of. Still remember when I had her in my belly, I’d always wonder and asked habib what my baby will look alike? Nanti dia macam muka mami ke muka abi ke? I wonder so much that made me scared. 

Insecurity wei. I’d this insecurity of my own self-looking since forever. Tak confident with my own looks, would I be frustated or worry if she copies me so much. Habib selalu marah bila I cakap macamtu. And that each time lah Habib akan yakinkan myself, that I’m pretty and thats why he chooses me. Dehhhhh 

But looking at her now. Those shiny little eyes. I’m in a relief. Tak kira la how many times I heard a clashing opinions from people; kejap kata muka abi, kejap kata muka mami, kejap tanya muka siapa dia ikut— dehh! Tbh, I don’t really bother now coz everytime I look at my Nuwayla— I see an ambitious and full of wonders little girl of mine overthere! Just like how she represents her name, Nuwayla = Achiever. InshaAllahh. 

Only 2 months old but for me she nails everything that 2 months baby could do. Scientifically she may seems to be normal but to me she is truly my achiever. Since the day her tali pusat tanggal when she was only 4 days old, I knew the name would represent her so much in that department. InshaAllah Ya Allah! Super big responsibilites on our shoulder to guide this little munchkin! 

At the same time we are also a 2 months old new parent who experienced new things errdayy. Gets excited, challenging and fun allzetime-still. Especially when Nuwayla make faces or smiles while she’s sleeping— and that all time lah, Mami jadi jakun. Each. Time.

On other department, having a girl as the first child is   quite a challenge sebab we both; me and habib are quite boyish especially in terms to pakaian anak. We both— dont really fancy for Nuwayla to wear a really-girly clothing kind of thing. Lols! As if the baju will affect the behavior pula kan? But so far, I still made her looks like what she supposed to lah. She’s a girl and I’m a girl anyway. 

Cheeky girl! 
Our Nuwayla in a Blue Sweater and Sweat Pant. Just like Abi who wears sweat pant most of the time. 


Till then! 

Monday, December 18, 2017

Thought: Taking this to another level

Time passes by. Nuwayla sekarang dah about 2 months and 6 days, thank Allah swt as she grows into such a loveable baby. Why? because I rarely hear she cries melainkan she really needs her milky milk from her wonderful mummy luls. Smirk! 

Apprently now tak banyak yang still I do for my daily activities. I’d taking break of my own since tahu pregnant haritu and now to get things back on track, like what-i-need to do and etc are quite challenging tho. I’ve got plan to get this blogging and vlogging as my fulltime doing, you know like trying to get income out of it but yet I’m still figure it out. 

Luckily I have Habib who always supports of whatever intention I intended to do. Ideas, advices are never lack from him. As for now, I’m trying to keep up 2 to 3 blogs weekly and at least 1 vlog in a week— tapi masih lagi cari on the right topic to starts with. Can you guys suggest me one?

Habib once told me to start with our Nuwayla, on the other hand, I kept on reading and do my blogwalking on my favorite ones to try ‘steal’ the ideas ke. Habib pernah bagitau that my writing isn’t that good. Ouch! 

Now, I am really that trying to improve.

This was taken last week at Ladsandladsiess Shah Alam. The food was average to me, but the interior indeed an instagram worthy. 

Till then!