Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Thoughts: Pink Dress

Finally I'm in a Pink Dress.

Pagi tadi around 645 in the morning I felt the urged to pee besides of wanting to perform my subuh -- but this time around it feels a little different. You know that feeling you got everytime red flag is about to hitch you on a monthly basis? Ye itu. 

So basically, I stood up like I usually did and tetiba I felt watery thingy overflow within my legs and this watery felt nothing like a pee tauu walaupun I felt like I want too.  You got what I meant? It just came out without any sign. Nak kata macam period blood, bila flow you'll feel panas and kering/kesat issit? But this time, different. So to the toilet I went, doing my traditional position to pee and with blurry eyes (coz I'm not wearing my Speck) tetiba I saw something redish to browny liqiud swim underneath my squatting. I cant be so sure time tu so I came to close up my face into that liqiud and more redish browny liqiud suddenly came out. Only then I was assure,  okay. Tanda dah keluar! 

Mama was just next to my toilet taking her shower and without hesitation I told her. Habib plak cuak tetiba ran off from bilik to my toilet door and "huhh dah keluar tanda dah yang...?" "Sakit tak?" "Kena pergi hospital ke?" bertubi tubi soalan. Tho he looks pretty cool and calm I knew how excites (& panic/shock) he was deep down. Sabar ye sayang. Saya tahu we both have been working so hard doing all sort of activities just to get this little joy out to our world. He he

We don't drive immediately to Labour Room macam apa yang Buku Pink or Klinik Kesihatan's advise us too. So what we did was, after I had my business done (in the toilet), kakak suggest kitorang keluar kejap. Pergi cari Sarapan, walk a bit but yet kena juga monitor gerakan baby. To short the story too, for the past few days I actually been craving for this Kuih Bom (the one with inti Kelapa and had Bijan outside) -- so I asked Habib to hunt the kuih kejap as I also need to find Milo for energy booster later in the hospital.  

About 10:30-ish after kuih bom, milo and sarap done. We went back home, showered and get all stuff needed (recheck just incase). Kalau ikut mama, she wont suggest us to go to LR this early but our major concerned sebab I dah overdue. 3 days overdue so anything could possibly happen kan? 

Journey from home to hospital is just 3 minutes away about less than 300-500m away, literally. Memang dekat lah citer dia. Sampai LR, Habib daftar and handover buku Pink dekat counter. Right away, they asked me to go inside untuk check jantung baby and after jantung check okay-- the nurses asked me to wait outside for doctor's checking pula. 

About 20-30 minutes waiting time then my name oun dipanggil. Doctor requested me to take off my undies and wearing the pink sarung. I just knew it! This is it guys. Dilate opening checking, benda yang aku and habib selalu wonder kenapa aku tak kena walaupun dah overdue 8hb lepas. Dia macam excited coz I really wanted to experience this and alhamdullillah, I did (cries) ha ha ha haaaa

It wasnt that bad. I felts oooo-kay lah. 

After the check up, doc came to conclusion to warded me since I had passed by due date over 3 days. 

And that is when another whole new experience, begin...

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Thoughts: 40 weeks Complete

It feels just like yesterday knowing that I'm pregnant. Struggled with stress in the office which resulted me to resigned and stayed home for months battled with morning sickness. Huhu that was tough you know, to suddenly having no job and became so clingy and sick most of the time. Trust me, I felt so hopeless. Everytime I looked back into that months, I really had to bersyukur for having such a supportive and understanding husband. Habib never fails to keep me company and making sure all home chores done when its time. From clothes (tbh  we do self-dobi each time), mopping, washing dish to cleaning the entire house. 

And then...

Forty weeks later, which today. Here I am still pregnant tho my due date has passed 2 days ago. Ha ha ha. Not to complaint ye tapi memang kena banyak sangat bersabar. You know with all bengkak kaki, kaki feels so much heavier by days, the braxton hicks that kept coming now and then, countless times of squatting, jalan itik and walk around taman and all you dapat was sakit lutut (so far). Ahaha no sign of labour showing girls. Takde rezeki lagi. Our baby just too comfort staying inside me, maybe. 

Frustated? Adalah a bit coz I was expecting myself to delivered earlier, maybe as soon as 38 weeks tapi bila things happened the other way around; I felt a little pressure my ownself, risau (obviously) and started to read so much on google (informative & trustable pregnancy blogs) on how to naturally induce myself. You know rezeki bersalin ni macam macam.  

I found so much tips from trusted blogs and pregnancy blogs. Experiences from new mothers to a mothers of many. They suggested almost the same. From intercourse, pineaple, durian, hot bath, walks, squats, jalan itik, spicy food and from all the checklist I only missed Durian and Hot Bath jee. Lain tu, cross-checked dengan jayanya. 


All the best my dear self! 

Friday, October 6, 2017

Thoughts: 2 more days to Due date

Two more days and that's it. Hello to Overdue.

Allahuakhar, please in these two days times adalah rasa baby nak keluar and boleh lah melegakan hati. I knew I seems to be kind of excited and brave enough to face the deliver moment but trust me, Wallahi I felt pressure and scared deep down. Anything could possibly be happen. Induce or having the natural contraction. Epidural or episiotomy. To a thing everyone refuse too, ceaser. 

None of above showing less pain but atleast from the experience sisters, natural contraction tuu slightly okay lah compare to the others. I did quite lots of reading about this delivery experience, either from first timer/mothers of many. They all had different stories to tell. Ada yang normal tapi kena ambil epidural sebab tak tahan contractions. Ada yang dah dilate tapi along the way contractions jadi kurang so doctor had to induce sebab takut baby slowbeat. Ada yang as easy as it could, dilated and contractions and delivery in less than 6-8 hours. 

Trust me.
I'm pack. With all informations and feelings. 
Sampai taktahu which feelings should i feel, which informations should i really digest. Allahuakhbar.

Dear Dian,
Jom sayang. Cooperate with us? Baby please...

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Thoughts: Medan Trip at 36 weeks

It was unplanned, really. Bila ayah mertua betul beriya untuk you joined the trip sampai sanggup nak sponsor ticket flight, you just can't say no more but have to agreed excitedly. Hee. Tho you are at 36 weeks that point of time and rasa 50-50, are you fit to fly and banyak soalan popped out. Yet, you still want to make everything possible. 

Habib dari awal memang dah warned since ini pregnancy pertama, you wouldnt ever expect when will you pop-out but alhamdullillah. I survived the whole trip! 

Back and forth. 

Without any hesitations of taking the flight and customs as well as the flight attandent. The only thing that reminded me was during back from Medan to KL. This is funny! My safety belt tiba tiba takboleh nak buckle up padahal masa KL-Medan, it was just fine! I guess my tummy has grown few inch forward sampai time flight balik KL, it was ketat/tak sampai (facepalm) and that was the only horified moment i had sebab FA tiba tiba questioned how many months you currently now coz it seems impossible for 32 weeks preg lady to have such big tummy like mine to her idea. 

We both, me and habib memang terus lega bila she's not questioning me too much and just hand me over her extra safety belt that was supposed to be used for demonstration and that was it! 

He he he

Thank Goodness!