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Hi! Its been a long time since I do some writing down here. Iman dah besar. She’s grew like a champ! Alhamdullillah. Stand on her own feet and start nak memapah tiap furnuture yang ada. Kerusi, meja, bakul even mami’s leg. Apa dapat semuaa Nuwayla nak and try her best to stood up. I guess she’s really on a right development track.
Since N dah 6 months +- baru rasa terfikir why not I’m sharing this Bf-journey. Breastfed her days and nights. I did it for 6 months wohoooo. All the time she needs me, I was always there to reach her and get my boobs ready ahaha. Syukur sangat I made into this stage... I can say that breastfeeding ni fun and definitely make me close to N. She needs me more than her abi. She always want me. Atau pun want my milk laa— ahaha kuasaammm! Rasa amazing tau. The moment You can actually produce milk and make your child kenyang. That’s just feel amazing! 

Masa dari Bujang, ye Bujang I always wonder how does it feels when a baby suck your boobs (opsssy) and how is it we…
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Its time for food! Last few weeks, I had this one ‘lunch date’ with my hubs after 5 days being apart from one another— he went to Singapore for an event while me and Nuwayla to Perak for Gyanna’s wedding. So when we reunited back again, Habib wanted to redeem by letting me pick whatever I want for lunch. As we coincedently in Shah Alam during that time...

I knew the existance of this cafe from Jezmine Blossombox when she updated on instagram about  Ladsandlassies’s Butterchicken and this superlicious Salted Egg Fries— which I agreed 300%. Memang sumpah sedap menatang kentang ni. Dip sauce dia baikkkk. 
Located at the heart of Shah Alam somewhere in Seksyen 9, I definitely would recommend you guys Ladsandlassies despite of the hip cafe they actually represent— they do serve you a real yumms food. You know, unlike certain cafe  yang extravaganca on interior yet the food haukkk
Although I certainly had no enough amount of rice on my plate— my Butterch…


Our girl. That everytime I look into her eyes, everytime she shooks her hands and legs up and down— I somehow couldn’t believe she is actually came out from me. 
My. Belly. 

Melted mami’s heart everytime looking at those round eyes and pipi loyot of you la Nuwayla. Cannot tahan
FYI, I’m writing this down accompanied by Habib’s snoring sound on my left side while Nuwayla— sleeping peacefully next to me on the right side. Get this burgered every each night is really completing my day. 
Iman Nuwayla | 70 days old 
Till then.


Time do flies. It feels macam baru semalam I gave birth to my daughter and today she’s growing into such an adorable baby I could never imagine of. Still remember when I had her in my belly, I’d always wonder and asked habib what my baby will look alike? Nanti dia macam muka mami ke muka abi ke? I wonder so much that made me scared. 
Insecurity wei. I’d this insecurity of my own self-looking since forever. Tak confident with my own looks, would I be frustated or worry if she copies me so much. Habib selalu marah bila I cakap macamtu. And that each time lah Habib akan yakinkan myself, that I’m pretty and thats why he chooses me. Dehhhhh 

But looking at her now. Those shiny little eyes. I’m in a relief. Tak kira la how many times I heard a clashing opinions from people; kejap kata muka abi, kejap kata muka mami, kejap tanya muka siapa dia ikut— dehh! Tbh, I don’t really bother now coz everytime I look at my Nuwayla— I see an ambitious and full of wonders little girl of mine overthere! Jus…

Thought: Taking this to another level

Time passes by. Nuwayla sekarang dah about 2 months and 6 days, thank Allah swt as she grows into such a loveable baby. Why? because I rarely hear she cries melainkan she really needs her milky milk from her wonderful mummy luls. Smirk! 
Apprently now tak banyak yang still I do for my daily activities. I’d taking break of my own since tahu pregnant haritu and now to get things back on track, like what-i-need to do and etc are quite challenging tho. I’ve got plan to get this blogging and vlogging as my fulltime doing, you know like trying to get income out of it but yet I’m still figure it out. 
Luckily I have Habib who always supports of whatever intention I intended to do. Ideas, advices are never lack from him. As for now, I’m trying to keep up 2 to 3 blogs weekly and at least 1 vlog in a week— tapi masih lagi cari on the right topic to starts with. Can you guys suggest me one?
Habib once told me to start with our Nuwayla, on the other hand, I kept on reading and do my blogwalking on m…

Review: AIMS Sling and Hip Baby Carrier

AIMS Sling and Hip Carrier. Very practical and releven for both of us who basically always on the move and never leave our baby behind inshaAllah. Me and Habib have promised ourselves to always jaga and bring Nuwayla to wherever we go. Hence, this kind of baby-gear has always been in my list-to-buy from the very beginning. 
I bet, as a new parent you always have that "besar hati" to cater all needs of your baby as possible kan? So, sis pun tidak ketinggalan. Habib on the other hand, akan follow my idea but yet he'll filter and decides juga at the end sebab whatever it is he is the Lead of our small family. 

AIMS Sling and Hip carrier, sebenarnya this was an impromptu shop. Memang ada plan to buy kind of sling carrier or actually expected to get this as present from Habib's or my side. Hehehe but bila kitaorang agak urgent to have this thing, so kitorg beli je lah sendiri. 
I got this for RM90 anywho 11street sells this at a discounted price— RM30 less than my price. Nak…

Thoughts: Pantang hari-23

Emergency c-section. From staff nurse who iniatially checked on my cervix opening to a doctor that confirmed my leaking and ended up with a Senior Doctor who finally concluded that I need to go through ceaser that night.  It was happened in just a few minutes.
It was 2-ish in the morning.
Thank God Habib sempat sampai Ward and walked me  to an Op room. "Everything good for the baby doc" that was my answered when doc informed me my air ketuban dan campuq dengan meconium . "Awak kena c-sect ye sebab baby dah berak. Kena cepat sebelum baby tertelan. Lagi bahaya nanti..." Can you tell how nervous and worry I was time tu? Serious tipu laa kalau takde apa terbayang dekat kepala. So many what-if questions mark datang. Meanwhile Habib-- I knew, he had to act strong for me malam tu when I asked him to sampaikan my salam and sorry to everyone. Nervous, worries yet deep down I knew I have to be super calm and strong. 

Sometimes, bila recall you rasa takut. Every situations befor…