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Thoughts : 1st month Annivesary Post

Andd Alhamdullillah, I'm 5 weeks old pregnant now ( lets pray for our cenonet gorgeous baby inside grow healthy and happily yeeee ). Kasyaa is so excited to story this little abundant of joy that grows inside me now tapi later kasyaa citer when I got time ok?

*banyak cerita bertangguh, you just had no idea haha*

Now, lets share what we did on our 1st Monthsary as Halal couple last December. Aww.

KL Pac was the last decision we made to celebrate our 1st Monthsary as Halal couple. Sebab dah tak tau nak kemana lagi, lepas jer melantak Kuetiaw and Cendol dekat area Sri Rampai, kasyaa request Habib to go to KL Park. Dah kitorang dok pening nak kemana. Takdela celebrate beriya mcm orang lain, enough with just we two and good food hehe. Kalau ikut habib confirm dia nak Wayang-Karaoke. Memang takde activity lain laki kasyaa ni. Itu ajer favourite things to do dia. Homieboy sangat kann sebab kalau tak, memang dia lepak rumah tengok tv. Sebab dah penat Niaga, so we rather spent time relaxing kat rumah dari melepak dengan kawan. Lol my baby.

Hence, the photo.

We glad that we made this decision as we both puas hati happy. Orang kata lain orang lain definisi of happiness diorang kan? This is US.

Simple things that we spent together is the best time we had for each other. Always.

Inshaallah sampai ke Tua ye sayang.
You know I’m crazy over you.



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