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Thoughts : Langkawi Trip [Honeymoon]

As promised, this is story of our first trip evehhhhh

So, Langkawi hihi

Beli ticket to Langkawi ni dah lama actually. Since April last year lagi. Rm200+ for both us, return ticket. Boleh tahan murah laa. Kasyaa as forever amik AirAsia sebab memang macam tak reti nak book ticket flight yang lain. Lulz.

3 days 2 nights. We spent two nights at a different hotel. Nak feeling kata orang and why Langkawi? Sebab kasyaa saja nak kesitu coz I never! Habib pun layankan aje. Plus, nak kata sebab tide budget tak juga. We spent more than thousand for our honeymoon hartu sebab end up shopping dekat Andaman Seri, non-stick hot pan di giler affordable murah. Like giler murah. Shopping set bedsheet + comforter. Chocolates lagi. Makan ternak lemak lagi. Food hunting lagi (blame Google) hee

Seashell Laman Padi, Langkawi.

The 3d2n trip was definitely filled with lots of Food. One of the main activities we did during our stay at Langkawi haruslah tentang Makan. Sampai Langkawi kitorang terus serbu Seashell Laman Padi, the food was for 2 pax and it costs us around RM47 (include with food). Cukup banyak lah untuk kitorang yang memang kebuluran. I think the food was included with the scenery that we had during our lunch. Makan atas sawah, atas anjung. Feel lain sikit laa.

Toyota Vios, RM180 (3 days 2 night ride)

Pasal transport, we just direct cari dekat Airport sana. Dapat satu brader ni bagi kitorang RM180 for 3d2n Toyota Vios, entah lah rugi ke tak tapi it was under our bajet la. So okay la tuu. At first mcm bajet RM150 for Viva/MyVi tapi dapat Vios with extra RM30 kitorang rasa okayla tuu. Plus! Habib yang memang malas nak disappoint kan orang so we just closed deal after 20 minutes discuss jugekkkk actually hihi harusla sebab kasyaa la nak-taknak tapi akhirnya pasrah ikut jela cakap laki. Lulz.

Day 1 more into relaxing dalam hotel sebab serious kitorang bukan lah plan beriya nak buat itu ini. Malam 1st day kitorang Jalan Jalan cari tempat Havoc and researched through google; it brought us to Pantai Cenang. Which actually near to Seashall Laman Padi tadi. So our stays memang jauh sebab memang tak tau pula Langkawi could be this big. Lols. Ingat 5-10 minits boleh sampai every location tapi boleh cecah 40 minit journey by car since I stayed at Kuah (avoid selecting this area punya hotel pls guys if you like havoc places)

G-Hotel Kuah was good. Bersih. Murah. Selesa. So jauh sikit pun takpela bro asal Jalan. RM98/night camtu kot with no breakfast. Nak breakfast, keluar lah. Kata nak Jalan apa barang breakfast hotel food hihi.

So to start our Day 2, kasyaa google sesiap dah Nasi dagang Pak Malau. Reason


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