Sunday, August 6, 2017

Thoughts: 216 days pregnant


This gonna be my first post about my pregnancy.
 Note: I've gained back my confident after months tortured by hormones. Haha syukur wei!
Harini dah 30 weeks 6 days about 7 months jump up to 8 months in two weeks time. MasyaAllah time flies. Rasa macam semalam je morning sickness teruk every pagi bangun vomiting like nobody business. Lulz. And today, everything that i allergic about becoming so fine to me. From dapur, bau minyak goreng, KFC and McDonalds logo yang dulu everytime nampak rasa mual. To my mother in laws kedai makan(bau) and quite few to list down. Sekarang macam relax alhamdoulillah cuma I still allergic rasa nak vomit about Sushi (writing this down pun yucks)

This really what pregnant gets you.

As i read usually deliver will takes about 38 weeks onwards and sekarang perasaan macam campur campur. I set mind to actually deliver awal perhaps 2 weeks earlier from the due date given but who knows caturan itu kan semua dari Allah swt juga kan? Somehow I know i can make it tapi entahlah. Tunggu dan lihat hiks. Preparation for the baby pun baru start buat sikit sikit. Like semalam, we went to Tateh Baby Shop dekat Batu Caves to buy few things walaupun seriously masuk kedai je we both macam clueless "Okay what to buy..... and we just ended up looking around and mumbled "apa aku nak cari dooohhh..."

Lols. Funny tapi Alhamdoulillah orang kata malu bertanya sesat jalan. I called Kakpida my sister no.2 to asked for a really important stuff and the quantities needed actually. Sebab we're like "okay barut, bedung baby and all that memang perlu but how many of it diperlukan; yang menjadi questions mark..." Coz you know you might afraid to buy terlalu sikit or too much but yet alhamdoulillah, kakpida gave us the answer we want. 

5/6 barut also can
Wipes/cotton bud beli small size je coz later orang akan bagi hamper (crossfinger hee)
Mittens we added another 2 set since I've bought 7 sets of mittens booties from Yaykidstore alrdy
Bedung 2/3 je. We grab 2 je. 1 manual bedung another one is Swaddle Pod yang tinggal zip je tu.
Baby oil I bought the small size jer later habis boleh tambah kan

and thats it kot.Since baju and romper i've bought few sampai rasa okayla kot. Takut kang anak aku besar satu apa tak boleh pakai sob sob. *please dont*. Bedak lotion shower dan segala bagai masih belum sebab dekat Tateh macam mahal, so we buy next time.

This is the mittens booties from @yaykidstore yang I beli haritu. I got promo for 7 set of  em for RM125. I knew its quite pricey tapi bagila can sis anak pertama. The excitement just cant deny. So, another stuff on list masih belum di crosschecked lagi and as for the moment memang tengah mencari Tilam Baby. Zaman dulu boleh lah tempah custommade dgn Ibu but knowing masa dan tenaga Ibu (my Maklong), i might just need to buy myself yang dah siap. So ye, the trendy-u-named-it babynest is my another hunt. 

and other list juga to crosscheck...

Wish me luck!

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