Sunday, August 13, 2017

Thoughts: Of Australia 2015

This was 2 years back when I was so free, young (well I'm still) and enjoy my life to the fullest. Finish degree, you got the power of money to do what you want and this was one of the things I done. 


Eventually this was once in a life chance you should grab since your aunty migrate there for 3 years, so why not right? You got family there, place to stay without paying, only cares about the fuel cost, food to feed yourselves; depends juga usually it only incured when you were outside from chu's place and of course all the sight seeing kau pergi from Sydney to Canberra to Adelaide, Philip Islands and Melbourne. 

I guess thats quite a journey apa. 

You really no need to care about the food i guess when travelling to Aussie. Food was pretty cheap tapi cheap kalau masak sendiri lah. Seriously! Barang groceries untuk masak tersangat lah murah you even can get a bag full of kepak ayam (about 2 kgs) with only $2-$5 dollars and thats about MYR15. Amik, bedallah Nasi Ayam ke, Ayam masak kicap ke. Asal kenyang. 

This is what we found in Koles near to Chu's house. Crust for Pavlova you can get the ready made punya cuma tinggal tambah ingredients sendiri and siap, you're good to eat. 

Below was taken during our way from Adelaide to Philip Island. 

More photos and episodes of Australia 2015 continue later lah ye since banyak gambar dalam laptop lagi satu.

Till then. 

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